75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo

So called because the max amount of numbers that gets called out is 75. It is the most popular form of bingo in North America, most likely because players find it the most fun, generally due to the patterns that are played. They are generally the simplest patterns to follow and make it easier to play. Thus leading to a more relaxed and sociable game. Excellent for beginners, but if you take your bingo more seriously, other forms of the game may be more suitable.

Bingo Card

The bingo card in these games is a five by five card (25 spaces). One space is left blank and the rest numbered between 1 and 75. In live play the caller will call both the number and the column it should appear in, making the numbers easier to find. This is another positive for beginners or social players. Online however this shouldn't make much of a difference as numbers are marked off automatically, as far as we are aware.

Winning Patterns

Winning bingo patterns in 75 ball are: a single line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally; a square, an 8, the letter O, F or E; all of the numbers should marked off. In fact depending on where you play your bingo many different patterns may be used. There in lies the skill in live bingo, but online play is more about the fun and the patterns are graphically marked making them easy to spot. Below are some examples.

Purchasing Cards

Uk sites have games of varying price, allowing players to pick a price level that suits them. Players can normally buy several cards for each game, and some sites even allow you to pick specific cards, allowing you to get rid of cards you don't like the look of. Online, though the numbers called are decided by a random number generator, so trying to predict what will come out is difficult at best.


  • Easy to play
  • Fast game play
  • Suitable for multiple card playing
  • Large jackpots


  • Can be difficult to keep up
  • Speedy play means recording your results is difficult

Where to Play

Online bingo providers look to cater for as many people as possible, increasing their membership numbers, and they would hope, their revenue. This means that nearly all established bingo sites will run 75 ball games. Some American bingo providers might specialise in 75 ball games, as it is the most popular game over there, however UK bingo sites generally have a good variety of all game formats.


  • Know the rules and the game before playing for real money
  • Pick a game and patterns you are comfortable with and find fun.
  • Make use of promotions, bonuses and free bingo.
  • Be friendly it the chat rooms - its more fun when other players are happy you've won.
  • Enjoy!

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