90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo

More popular online than in live play, 90 Ball Bingo is generally more familiar in the UK and Australia, but can be found in most online bingo providers repetoire.

Bingo Card

More often called a ticket, the 90 ball version of the card comes with three rows and nine columns. The rows have five numbered squares and four blank squares. The game is so called as the numbers are between one and ninety. A 6 ticket set is known as a strip.

Winning Patterns

Players win by marking off any line or double lines. Sometimes double lines can be accross the strip, sometimes just on a ticket. The top prize is usually reserved for players that make a full-house where all numbers are marked.

Each ticket can produce a pattern which gives the player a chance to win several prizes in one game. Below are some examples.


  • Little difference between online and live versions of the game
  • Simple patterns
  • Extremely easy to learn
  • Fully automated when online
  • Online, games often have a progressive, making it more exciting and increasing the potential prize


  • Less patterns to keep you interested
  • Paying for full strip can be more expensive


  • Know the game before playing for money
  • Pick a game level and price you are at ease with
  • Make use of promotions, bonuses and free bingo.
  • Keep a limit on your spending and remember how much you've lost or won
  • Be social in the chat rooms - you might learn some bingo secrets from the old pro's
  • Have fun!
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