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The offering of free games with real cash prizes is a relatively new phenomenon in the online bingo arena. Originally advertised on TV by Cheeky Bingo, but several sites followed suit shortly after, most recently including Posh Bingo.

The concept has been used before in the gaming industry, most notably in online poker. Most poker sites will run regular 'free rolls' where up to 2000 players can join a tournament free of charge and compete to win a share of £50 or so.

The idea is to attract players that might not otherwise join up in the hope that they will stay and deposit some money. In the poker world this obviously works, as the tournaments fill up fast and they have been a staple of online poker for some time now. Time will tell if the practice is as successful for online bingo companies, but while they are pushing their free bingo you may as well take the opportunity to try and win some cash with no risk attached.

The free bingo is also useful for players who want to try out different online bingo sites before choosing the favourite, but don't want to deposit in all of the sites.

The Sites
Below are links to site that run regular free games, that we would reccommend. Try them out and have fun!

Wink Bingo