Mecca Bingo Releases Prize Money Amounts for Customer for 2012

Mecca has announced it has paid out nearly £164 million in prize money to customers playing in clubs, online and on mobile from January to June 2012. That equates to over £27 million of prize money per month!

Customers in London and the South East had the most reason to celebrate after taking home the biggest share of money so far this year – over £33 million.

But how does the rest of the country fare? In second place was the North West where customers won an equally impressive £26.9 million. Next up was Scotland with £26.4 million, followed by Yorkshire at £20.1 million, the North East with £19.4 million, the Midlands with £18.3 million, the South West with £8.1 million, The East with £5.6 million, and bringing up the rear with a still respectable £5.5 million was Wales.

James Condon, Brand Marketing Director for Mecca says: “To pay out £164 million worth of prize money to our customers in just six months is fantastic. I think people new to the game find it surprising not just how much fun they can have playing with Mecca, but also how much money they can actually win, whether in clubs or online or now on mobile phones with our real time prize money apps.